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Bella & Zeus was born from my love for my pets and my passion for style and design.

My pets are my children, my soul mates. Our love for each other is true and unconditional. We are a family.
Like all parents, I want the best for my babies. I have spent a lot of time over the years researching and testing products from food to beds to find the healthiest, safest and most enjoyable goods to keep my pets happy and healthy.
I decided it was time to take my business acumen and apply it to something for which I had a real passion. Each of our pets has a unique personality, needs and wants.  Keeping our pets happy helps make a happy home altogether. No cutting corners or misleading sales pitches here. We have great stuff.   I would give anything we offer to my own pets, and they are more precious than anything to me.
So, shop without care or worry. I love your pets, too. I have done the work to find the best and offer it all in one place. I am happy to work with you to make a happy, healthy life and home for you and your pets.
My Background:
My business expertise lies mainly in merchandising, e-commerce to be specific. I started with The Land of Nod (Crate & Barrel’s kids line), a fabulous company with outstanding products, ethics and customer service. This is where I discovered my love and affinity for merchandising.  My love for animals was inherited from my grandfather. He was a salty WWII veteran who made people very nervous but had squirrels eating out of his hands. I, too, feel my happiest in the presence of animals. They are so honest and pure of heart. I feel truly honored when I am extended a kind paw.

Stacey                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Proud Mom of Pancakes (Bella), Zeuie (Zeus) and Doc J (Julius) 


Bella Zeus Julius (aka "Doc J")

Lazy Brother

(does none of the work, but reaps all of the benefits)


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