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Bella's Blog

  • St. Paddy's Day Giveaway!

    Posted on

    Hi there!  We are giving away a free gift basket to one lucky kitty and dog.  Visit our facebook page for the details on how to enter.  Entry deadline is...
  • Cyber ZEUSDAY?

    Posted on

       So, hi there everybody.  Zeus told me that today is Cyber Zeusday.  Did he just make that up?  Anyway, he said that if you go to our Facebook page,,...
  • The Big Reveal

    Posted on

    I hope everyone is keeping snuggly warm like me!  Mom said that she is going to to start letting everyone know about our store, tomorrow.  First will be all of...
  • Welcome to my store!

    Posted on

    What?  Oh, fine!  The dog is whining in the background.  OUR store, yes dear brother OUR store.   He's right it is our store.  He does get credit for all...

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