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Announcing...Bella & Zeus - Press Release

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New Company Helps Pets And Their Families Live In Harmony Through Style, Design and Fun

Bella & Zeus, LLC provides lovingly curated products and resources for families with pets to achieve a happy, healthy lifestyle without sacrificing style and design.


Barrington, IL, June 9, 2015: New pet-centric company, Bella & Zeus, launches with the mission of bringing harmony, happiness and fun to the lives of pets and their families.

Bella & Zeus’s offerings are selected with two main criteria.

  1. To satisfy a pet’s natural instincts and meet their needs for play, comfort and safety.
  2. To not only work with the décor in the family’s home, but become part of it and enhance their style.


A home doesn’t have to look like a doggy daycare or crazy cat lady house in order for

pets to be happy. In fact, the designers at Bella & Zeus are so good that it is usually

the most visually attractive items that seem to be favorites of the dogs and cats.


“My designers and I all have something in common. We are all passionate about the

health and happiness of our pets and about great design and style. Most of us started

our businesses by originally wanting something for our own pets that we could not find

elsewhere,” states Stacey Toibin, Founder, Bella & Zeus. “I want more animals to find

loving homes and stay there. Pets all have their own unique personalities and specific

needs. It isn’t always easy to figure out what those are. People can get frustrated with

an unhappy pet who is acting out and give up. I am here to help families find solutions

and achieve harmony with their pets. A little effort can bring big rewards. I have seen it

pay off so many times.”


Bella & Zeus offers toys, beds, furniture, apparel, bowls and feeders, collars and

leashes, gift baskets. “Stylish accoutrements for the urbane canine and feline.”


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Media Contact:

Stacey Toibin

(773) 931-8236

736 Prairie Ave

Barrington, IL 60010

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