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Here is what we have coming in February!


Gift Baskets, pets like gifts, too!

We will be offering pre-made gift baskets for special occasions.  Besides the usual holidays, we will also offer year round baskets for:

Puppy or Kitten

Adopted Cat or Dog

Birthdays, Adoptiversaries or Gotcha Days

Senior Dogs and Cats

Get Well


Want us to make a custom gift basket?  Absolutely!  We will offer that as well.  


More Beds!

Y'all really like our dog and cat beds!  Makes sense.  They do spend most of their time snoozing.  We are adding even more options and designs.  We have one in every room of the house.  You can do this with awesome designs that work with your home decor.


The Tao Of Zeus, finding peace and happiness with your pet

Let's face it.  When our pets are happy, healthy and well-adjusted, life is pretty great!  Our homes are happy, joyous and full of life!  But, when our pets are not happy, life can be pretty trying.  An unhappy pet can definitely lead to an unhappy home and cause discontent within the family and even between family members.  It can even break up a family.  True.  I have seen it happen.

Fear not!  We are here to help!  Whether you are neck-deep in trouble or considering adding a pet to your family, we will help.  REALLY help.  We are not here to be judgmental or condescending.  All pets have their own unique personalities and needs.  Some rescued pets have pasts that we will never know.  It isn't easy and you need positive support.  We want to keep pets together with their loving families.  We want those of you who would like to adopt a pet to approach it with knowledge and confidence, so that you can find the right pet for your family.

Life with pets can be wonderful when you have the right tools.  Pets can change your life for the better.

Our "happy pet" consultation services will launch towards the end of the month.  Stay tuned for more info!



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