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Our Vendors (in alphabetical order)

Alaska Naturals®

With a genuine concern for producing the very best supplements and treats for your pet, Alaska Naturals® is your source for wild caught, USA-made fish products. 

Our quality products offer...

Alaska’s marine habitats are extremely clean, and remarkably free of contamination by pesticides, petroleum derivatives, PCBs, metals, and bacteria. Because Alaska is  thousands of miles away from large sources of pollution, these distances (combined with the earth’s patterns of circulation of water and air) help to ensure that Alaska’s waters are among the cleanest in the world. 

Alaska's state government takes an active, leading role in guaranteeing the soundness of their fish stocks, which represent one of the most lucrative and vital state resources. Every aspect of Alaska’s fisheries has been strictly regulated, closely monitored and rigidly enforced for nearly five decades. It is managed for protection against overfishing, habitat damage, and pollution. Their successful management practices are considered a model of sustainability for the entire world. 

Our quality assurance team is involved every step of the way. Every aspect of our process is carefully monitored through all stages of production and processing, from the fish source to the finished package.



Chilly Dog uses natural wool and natural plant and fruit dyes.  Their business practices, supports and facilitates healthy individuals, farms, communities and renewable resources.  Chilly Dog has been making pet sweaters for over 15 years and are the original GREEN hand knit.  

The sweaters are made in the Northern Highlands of South America by descendants of the Inca Indians.  These artisans have handed down this skill of knitting for many years.  Chilly Dog directly employs all of their knitters and practices within the guidelines of Fair Trade.

These are the warmest sweaters made today.  Don't let your pet be left out in the cold!



For more than a decade Cloud Star has been producing all natural and wholesome products for dogs, even those with allergies.

The company got its start in 1999 when Jennifer Melton and Brennan Johnson adopted their dog Samantha.  She was a picky eater, and because they could not find a commercially available treat to satisfy her finicky palate and yield to her allergies, they ended up baking their own.  When they whipped up a batch of the same low allergen dog treats that they had been making for a local animal shelter fundraiser, the treats were a huge hit and people started calling wanting more. 

Simple, easy to read ingredient statements resonate with pet parents and thrill dogs with even the most finicky palate, or sensitive skin.   Their treats are made in the USA, with only first-quality ingredients.

Cloud Star is committed to giving. As part of their commitment to giving back, they pledge to donate to non-profit organizations benefitting animals, women, children, and the environment. They feel that doing good business should include doing good things for others.  

The company has come a long way since the first batch of Buddy Biscuits was born in the home oven, but Cloud Star remains committed to providing our customers with the most wholesome and natural products available.



Earthdog manufactures the finest quality hemp collarsleashes and harnesses for the dogs in your life. Their eco-friendly dog products are all handmade in the USA.

Dave and Kym Colella started making the first collars for their own dogs 15 years ago. They weren't planning on selling anything to anyone, rather enjoying their attempts to provide each of the dogs with a collar that properly represented their unique personalities. Well, one thing led to another (as it often does) and soon after our various product lines were developed.

Earthdog continues to strive to create unique, eco-conscious products that dogs and people alike will love. Hemp, with its amazing versatility, has enabled them to create an entire product line of eco-friendly, durable goods that we are proud to offer. Dave and Kym gather inspiration from their pack, 16 strong, and they never let them down. They're all rescues from various walks of life and its misfortunes, and one way or another, have found their way to to Dave and Kym.

The cornerstone of Earthdog remains the love of their dogs and the enrichment they add to their lives. They are a family with a family business. We trust that the dogs in your life will enjoy these offerings as much as ours do. 



Protecting the planet was the inspiration for this adorable and meaningful line of products. The materials provide hope against the deforestation and raging pollution that we are now experiencing.

Loved by the most finicky of Earth’s creatures, From the Field pet toys offer pet parents an opportunity to please their pets without hurting their environment.

From the Field uses the best quality materials such as hemp and ultimately potent fresh organic catnip.

They choose to use hemp to make their products due to it's strong and durable nature. Hemp fiber is a renewable, earth friendly replacement for paper, cotton, and other synthetic building materials. Hemp seed oil is a cost effective food and clean energy source.

They believe in creating products that are bio-degradable, pet safe, pet friendly and pet smart.



The founders are pet parents and pet lovers.  Healthy, organic Nummy Tum Tum™ products make pets jump, wiggle, and squiggle for joy -- and because they support healthy tummies they can also save you some visits to the vet!

They were inspired to create Nummy Tum Tum products from their own experiences as pet parents and from the many stories they heard about pets that love pumpkin and sweet potato. Now these two delicious tastes are available to you in a nutritious, super smooth puree made from organic ingredients, all from the USA.



After adopting - and falling in love with - an English Bull Terrier named Stanley, founder Lisa began designing products to help make pet ownership more enjoyable and fun. The result is the Oré Pet Collection of essential and unique pet items for dogs and cats. 

Oré Originals has been creating a legacy of Happy Products for Good People and Pets since 1989.


Since 1997, Planet Dog has been known as the industry's leading socially responsible, values-based design house, bringing people and dogs together for fun and mutual support.

The fire in their belly is to concept, innovate and develop premium products "made for dogs, by dog lovers" all while being fully dedicated to satisfying both pet parents and their best friend's needs.

Their mission is to amuse, explore, support, innovate, create, educate, celebrate and philanthropate... all in the name of the dog. They "romp the romp" by providing financial resources to those in need, educating consumers about canine-related issues, creating an array of non-toxic and recyclable products, and keeping the tails of "their pack" wagging.

Planet Dog’s flagship initiative is the Planet Dog Foundation. Since 2012, PDF has donated more than $800,000 in cash and product donations. Their internal mantra of "think globally, act doggedly," keeps them focused on the higher cause of why they entered this industry...wagging, drooling, sniffing, snuggling, howling, romping dogs.



At SheaPet, Alisa, Jon and Scout believe that their customers demand the highest quality grooming products and natural remedies for their pet. 

They make cruelty-free and environmentally conscious products using Fair Trade ORGANIC shea butter and the highest quality botanical ingredients. 

They try their best to source ingredients direct from rural producers and cooperatives in developing nations. For instance, all of their shea butter is wild-gathered and produced locally by the Northern Uganda Shea Processor’s Association (NUSPA), a cooperative run by women in rural Uganda.

SheaPet products are never tested on laboratory animals (no animal testing/cruelty free), and a percentage of their proceeds are donated to local animal shelters and animal protection organizations.




Tiger Teasers designs and constructs safe, long lasting, high quality interactive cat toys that can withstand play with the largest of indoor cats. They are based out of Colorado.

As most cat owners know, you can never have too many cat toys.  Tiger Teasers founder, Melanie,  has many favorites in her house, but she was looking for a wand toy with more refined control. After searching local pet stores,national chain stores and the internet, she decided to build her own cat toy.  Because her cat likes to eat things he shouldn't, and he gets into everything he can, safety was priority when designing the toys. Melanie knew her cat preferred fur over feathers, and she desired a wand toy that was not only appealing, but also safe and durable.

Melanie started brainstorming and designing and she came up with a couple really good ideas. After many trials and errors, the Lion Lure was born! She used synthetic fur and the best materials she could find because she loves her cat! The toys passed safety and durability tests with flying colors, and Melanie's cat absolutely loves them! 




Unleashed Life was founded on the ideal of using thoughtful designs and high quality product to incorporate the lives of animal companions into the human-living environment.  High-style and craftsmanship are fused with natural and exotic materials to create their sophisticated line of dog bowls and elevated feeding dishes.  While their dogs play in the Unleashed Life office, the dedicated staff oversees all stages of the pet product line from design and development to manufacturing and packaging to proudly ensure that STYLE…NOT RESERVED FOR HUMANS.




They believe that even a small company can have a big impact. (Or, when it comes to the environment, a small impact.) So, they craft their products mindfully—always in America, always by hand, and often with eco-friendly materials. West Paw empowers their employees to innovate, with headquarters in inspiring Bozeman, Montana, and perks like paid time off to volunteer. They have also earned B Corp certification, joining the ranks of transparent, accountable companies committed to healthy, forward-thinking business practice.

What’s a B Corp? Companies that aim for a more balanced “triple bottom line”—measuring success not just by profit, but how they treat  people and the planet. Certified by the non-profit B Lab, B Corps hold an above-and-beyond commitment to healthier employees, sustainable practices, transparency and accountability. West Paw's B Corp status was earned for a variety of reasons—highlights include: 

  • Handcrafting 100% of our products in the USA
  • Manufacturing completely safe products: BPA and phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA compliant 
  • Relying on eco-friendly materials
  • Hosting a Join the Loop® toy recycling program
  • Working from an environmentally conscious office building
  • Offering generous wages and benefits (including flexible schedules) for employees

West Paw beds and pet toys are truly labors of love—handmade by skilled craftspeople at theheadquarters in Bozeman, MT. Passing through real human hands, every product is showered with extra attention and care—and an infusion of pride from the person who made it.   

When they started making environmentally-friendly pet toys and beds, there wasn’t a guiding organization to help us grow our business in an Earth-friendly way—so they helped found one. The Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition unites pet-driven businesses, providing them with resources so they can collaborate on advancing their business goals while maintaining their commitment to the planet. In a nutshell, it’s a way for everyone in our industry to work together—not just towards superior products, but towards sustainable, community-minded business solutions. 

West Paw Design has proudly pitched in with Working Dogs for Conservation, donated factory-second beds and toys to animal shelters, and offered up resalable pet beds for auction at community fundraisers.


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