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  • Lion Lure
  • Lion Lure
  • Lion Lure

Lion Lure

$ 11.50



Safest cat wand toy on the market!  Slide the Lion Lure through cracks and crevices or under doors and around corners for the ultimate at-home playground.  The Lion Lure has a 24" slightly flexible acrylic wand that is extremely durable and can withstand the roughest of play with the largest of cats.
  • Metal wire allows you to mimic the movement of a small rodent which cats find impossible to resist.
  • The control you have with the wire allows you to strategically maneuver the toy
  • Premium synthetic fur looks and feels like real prey
  • Fur toys appeal to cats natural hunting instincts and senses and allows for an appropriate outlet for the natural prey drive
  • Made in the USA


Total toy length: 34”
Wand length: 24”
Wire length: 10”
Fur: 1” wide x 2” long
Weight: .7 oz


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